Preparing for Shenanigans

We're under a week away from an autocross, and the preparations have already begun. By this Friday, I will have checked all the fluids in the car, adjusted tire pressures, cleaned out the trunk and door pockets, ensured the battery is securely fastened down, and double checked that the wheels are bolted on properly.

Once the car is all squared away, I will need to prepare my video equipment. The batteries for the GoPro will need to be charged up, fresh SD cards formatted, and all of the needed accessories packed into a flight case.

It will be an early start on Saturday, as tech inspection starts at 8am. The weather at that point isn't looking too great; It should be clear, but cold, with projected temperatures in the 20s.

I'll have coverage posted here, starting on Sunday, with video to follow shortly thereafter.

Stay tuned here, and follow @SeansBMWGarage on twitter for trackside updates!